cfobjective(ANZ) presentation

If you haven’t heard yet, cfobjective (ANZ) was awesome. It was an honor to be included among the speakers. Full credit to Jim, Mark and the rest. Last I saw they were cracking open a well earned bottle of champagne.

I think I scared a few people with my java integration horror stories. It really wasn’t meant to give people nightmares, but I think having a list of gotchas can really help when you hit a wall. To that end, I’ve made my preso available at:

There is an error in this preso, which I haven’t corrected but I’ll tell you about here. I said that classes on the java class path (i.e. coldfusion/runtime/lib) aren’t visible to CreateObject(). That’s not correct in general. It only holds true for specific packages, and really won’t be a concern for your own domain models.

Tom Jordahl talks about this tangentially in this post about Apache CXF. Make sure you check out the comments at the end, and for extra credit have a look at cfmx_bootstrap.jar, which you’ll find in coldfusion8/wwwroot/WEB-INF/lib.

In practice I never instantiate any domain object within ColdFusion, which is why I was a bit fuzzy (well, wrong actually) on this point.