5 essential tools for choosing a buzzword for your next listicle

Technology teams are not immune to hype and trends. <Buzzword> isn’t necessarily a new thing. A long time ago in a galaxy far away, <cool anecdote>.
We didn’t always know why things were broken, we had to examine the data to reveal the answers. It isn’t about what you call it or what tools you use.
Start with the strategy and desired outcomes.
<nice troubleshooting story>
At this point, the data reveals what is occurring.
<more nice troubleshooting stuff>
The trend towards <buzzword> tools reminds me of the craze around <every other buzzword> <since the dawn of time>.
There is no easy fix or magic pixie dust for ensuring <anything>.

Thanks and apologies to Mehdi Daoudi.  The above is a palimpsest of his article https://dzone.com/articles/practicality-of-observability – which is a good article with only a tiny bit of product placement.  But aside from the useful content, I was amused and inspired by the very first sentence.  Also as always entertained by DZone’s tagline writers, who in this case managed to take an article that is pretty strongly anti-buzzword and anti-tools-fetish, and give it a tagline that uses the buzzword du jour twice and promises toolz.