New improved placebo effect!

Doncha just love the medical research community’s hate-hate relationship with the placebo effect? There’s a rich vein here, but I’ll limit myself to two observations:

1. According to the URL the placebo effect is getting better at fooling patients. Not getting better at treating patients. Which it is also doing, of course. Pretty obvious which aspect we’re really interested in.

2. Then there’s this paragraph:

“In any case, it’s something the medical industry will want to get on top of, as the move to conducting longer and larger drug trails – ostensibly for the purposes of testing efficacy – seems to be backfiring when it comes to getting new therapeutic solutions onto the market.”

In other words – conducting larger trials is not serving the goal, which is to get therapeutic solutions onto the market whether they are actually more effective than placebo or not.

And on and on it goes – all the usual terminology contrasting real drugs with imaginary cures etc etc. Why are we not researching how to generate and enhance the placebo effect?