What’s wrong with photo slideshow apps?

I’ve been dissatisfied with the photo slideshow applications I’ve been using. Like most people, I take a lot of photos, especially when I’m travelling. Unlike most people, I use a high-res camera with good lenses, not a camera phone. That means my photos have a lot of detail, and are worth looking at for a while (for me, anyway). And because there are a lot of them, I often find myself wondering exactly where and when an image was taken. So, here’s my feature wish list for a slideshow program:

  1. Recursive directory searching. I don’t have time to put together special collections. Even if I did, 10,000 files is too many for one folder. I just want to point the slideshow at a large folder tree and have it find everything.
  2. Configurable delay. I like to look at a photo for a while, focussing on different details. I took one photo of Dunedin Harbour with an entire penguin colony in one corner, that I didn’t see until I’d looked at it for several minutes.
  3. Metadata display. I don’t have time to caption every photo, but I tag pretty much everything with at least the occasion (e.g. “Christmas 2005”) and the place (e.g. “Dunedin”). So when I see a ten-year-old photo pop up on my screen saver, I’d like to see that metadata so I have some clue as to what I’m looking at.
  4. Forward and back controls. How often do you catch a great photo out of the corner of your eye and think “Wow, what’s that?” just as the slideshow transitions to the next photo. If you’re on shuffle in a collection of tens of thousands of files, I guarantee you’ll never find that photo again. Wouldn’t it be nice to just hit a key and get it back? Or, conversely, if you’ve got a nice long delay time so you can savour every detail, you’ll occasionally spend two minutes staring at a photo of a lens cap that you forgot to delete. Unless you can just hit a key and skip to the next photo.
  5. No fussy transitions. In fact, I really want to be able to turn transitions off. I pay a fair bit of attention to framing, so having my photos sliding and zooming around the place isn’t my cup of tea. I can live with a fade-in fade-out, but I really don’t need to see Grandma spinning off into space on the side of a cube. Slideshows that recrop 4:3 photos to 16:9 are a no-no as well.

Now, I have by no means done an exhaustive search of all slideshow applications. However, it’s not a crowded category. I suspect it’s one of those software categories where the tools bundled with the operating system, while inadequate, are still functional enough to take all the oxygen out of the market. For example, the Windows 8 lock screen slideshow is a pretty nice looking slideshow, but it doesn’t include a single one of my wishlist features. Still, given that it’s there, how many people have even gone looking for something better? I have, and I can tell you that the Windows Photo Gallery slideshow changes photos way too fast (non-configurable), Photo Slideshow has no forward/back and no metadata display, some other app I forget only lets you have one non-recursive photo folder – etc, etc.

So – what else? – I wrote my own. Here it is. Fair warning, though, it’s nothing like production quality code, and it’s a java program so you’ll need to have java installed. Check out the readme for more details, and stay tuned for a future post on the technical nitty gritty.