Flash updater bloatware spam officially not a bug

I got so sick of removing Google Toolbar from friend’s computers every couple of months, that I raised a bug with Adobe: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3541523. You can read about it there, but the basic premise is that bundling bloatware with security updates represents a bug in the security process, in that it promotes suboptimal behavior.

Anyway, today I got auto-notified that the bug is “withdrawn”. No reason given, no indication of who did it. So I guess that’s official then – it’s not a bug. Installing third-party add-ons with security updates is now industry best practice.

You know, I was pretty peeved when Apple painted a target on Flash’s back a few years back. Web interoperability went to hell in a handbasket almost overnight, and Apple did it to us all for no reason other than self-interest. However, since then, Adobe has been competing with Oracle to undermine trust in the technologies underlying that interoperability. Apple might have done the right thing even if for the wrong reasons. I can only hope that the winner out of all this is W3C, not the App Store.

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